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This website is a Home for inquiring minds exploring life from a Christian and Biblical viewpoint. The thinking is unconventional in many ways. Some would describe it as underground Christian thought.

We mean to provide resources and and not to offend unecessarily. There will be things here which human religious and secular authorities will want to suppress because this website focuses on Biblical ‘truth’. It is reasonable to be suspicious when there are arguments from ‘truth’ or ‘facts’. Much ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ is false, particularly when it is used by authorities to justify their actions. We are fed an increasing stream of manufactured ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ every day which is at best of dubious integrity. Nevertheless, it is self-evident that there are many ‘true’ things and ‘facts’ in the world. It is the premise of this website that one of these is Biblical ‘truth’. It is incredibly ‘good news‘ because it reveals things about the person, work and life of Jesus. In doing so, it reveals our ultimate human destiny.

Understanding Jesus, the key focus of Biblical teaching, can free us from the false of ‘trappings’ traditional religious or secular authority and conventional wisdom. Then we can make our own way in partnership with Jesus, a way based on truth which sets us free.

If you seek God, to understand ourselves, our destiny and any hope we might have, then this website may be helpful. We believe that if you don’t ask, you won’t know. Ask questions, you never know someone might answer them.

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Our Values

We Believe in Jesus

Jesus is good news, really good news. ” Romans 1:16-17. Through Jesus comes genuine human transformation, which is good for the world, John 13:35. There is no coercion in Jesus. We run this website because have freely chosen to believe in Him. We just ‘know’ Jesus is real.

We Believe Jesus

Jesus came, died, and rose again so that we might “have life and have it to the full” John 10:10, that we might be free John 8:36. He paid for our sins and guarantees life beyond this joys and sadness of this one. He walks with us in this life by his Spirit, encouraging and empowering. He loves us, John 3:16. He has promised eternity, and he cannot lie.

We Seek Honest Enquiry

We believe that if you don’t ask, you won’t know. That’s why God gave us a mind – to use it. But many, both religious and secular, want us to trust them rather than think for ourselves. Wisdom begins with a terrible realisation, Proverbs 9:10, Psalm 110:10, but ends with an unearthly love, 1 John 4:18-19, John 15:13, 1 John 4:8, Psalm 18:1.

We Are Free

It is Jesus who sets us free from a form of ‘slavery’ to ‘live by faith’ – “the righteous shall live by faith” Habakkuk 2:4. Jesus revealed the truth knowing that “the truth will set you free” John8:32. Living this new life is more than just ideas. It is also about spiritual power and transformation.

Our Methodology

A Christian Worldview

  • 01 This website is a home for inquiring minds exploring life from a Christian and Biblical viewpoint. The thinking is unconventional in many ways.

  • 02 There are many ‘true’ things. This website focuses on Biblical truth. It is meant to provide resources and is not intended to offend. Please forgive any offense.

  • 03 We do not see any discrepancy between God’s truth in the Bible, and and true things which are to be found through scientific enquiry, or understood from our experiences as human being living in this universe.

  • 04 Transformational thought may be provocative. Such stimulation to thought may be a necessary starting point for many who seek the fullness to be found in Christ because by it’s very nature, new life as a Christian is provocative.

Genuine Free Christian Thought

  • 01 ‘Living by Faith rather than Religion’. The struggle for authenticity and unity in Christianity can be understood partly as a struggle against suppression of individual ideas and practise – between faith and religion, grace and law, love and rules, personal faith involving serious enquiry and acceptance, and the traditions of men handled on down through religious experts.

  • 02 Christians are not a homogenous group. They differ culturally, ethnically, historically, traditionally, geographically, educationally, and in hardship and prosperity. These differences are good and intended by God. So this is a UNITY with DIVERSITY through freedom in the Spirit, Galatians 5:1.

  • 03 Christian Churches and institutions have a history of suppression of valid Christian DIVERSITY of THOUGHT and PRACTICE. Enforced conformity & control applies to religion in general (see here). Understandably, this is essential to maintain de-facto realities of power, elitism and status from generation to generation. But reality is bigger than just them, bigger than even science alone envisages, Eph 6:12. Christians do not require them.

  • 04 We have a responsibility not to abuse our freedom to think or ‘approve’ of others who abuse it, 1 Peter 2:16.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01 We believe that this is not only possible, but to be expected in the Christian life, Eph 6:10. It is the work of the Holy Spirit engaging with our minds. engaging our reason, our hearts and our faith.

  • 02 We seek to allow free discussion that is unhindered by the need for authorisation. This is a new experience for many Christians who have been undoctrinated to rely on the views of institutional experts, Mark 8:14.

  • 03 We want to facilicate the provision of Christian information. Some of the views are mainstream, some of the views are unorthodox and subversive to much mainstream Christian tradition. Matthew 5:15.

  • 04 Moderation of thoughts does occur. Does the discovery reflect Christian freedom formulated by reasonable minds transformed and guided by a sovereign God who has revealed much that is good and much that this evil by His Spirit in the Bible.

Our Simple Purpose

To get people to think about the universe & their lives. To make those lives fuller by taking hold of the freedom and power available to live a new life by knowing the risen Lord Jesus.

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